Marketing in Travel and Tourism

Marketing in Travel and Tourism
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Marketing in Travel and Tourism aims to guide and support readers through the complexities of tourism marketing in the 21st Century. It sets out clear explanations of marketing principles and concepts adapted from mainstream services marketing, and goes on to illustrate the range of applications currently practised in the modern visitor economy.

Now in its fourth edition, and reprinted almost every year since 1988, each chapter of the book has been updated to include current evaluations of all the key developments in marketing, especially consumer centric marketing and the now focal role of the Internet in the marketing mix. The chapters on communicating with cutomers have been extensively rewritten to take account of e-marketing and related marketing developments in tourism that are pulled together in a forward looking Epilogue.

This fully revised edition includes:

Full colour interior with pedagogic features such as discussion questions and exercises to encourage further exploration of key areas

New material on the role of e-marketing, motivations and consumer behaviour

Five in-depth international case studies, including Tourism New Zealand and Agra Indian World Heritage Site, along with 17 mini cases to contextualise learning

A companion website for students and lecturers which includes PowerPoint slides and review questions to aid teaching and learning

Marketing in Travel and Tourism provides a truly international and comprehensive guide to marketing in the global travel industry, an indispensible text for all students and lecturers.

Part 1: The Meaning of Marketing in Travel and Tourism 1. Introducing Travel and Tourism 2. Introducing Marketing: The Systematic Thought Process 3. The Special Characteristics of Travel and Tourism Marketing 4. The Dynamic Business Environment: Factors Influencing Demand for Tourism Part 2: Understanding the Consumer and the Marketing Mix in Travel and Tourism 5. Understanding the Consumer, Tourism Motivations and Buyer Behaviour 6. Market Segmentation for Travel and Tourism Markets 7. Product Formulation in Travel and Tourism 8. The Evolving Marketing Mix for Tourism Services Part 3: Planning Strategy and Tactics for Travel and Tourism Marketing 9. Marketing Research in Travel and Tourism 10. Planning Marketing Strategy 11. Marketing Planning: The Process 12. Planning Marketing Campaigns: Budgeting and Measuring Performance Part 4: Communicating with and Influencing Consumers 13. The Growth and Role of Information and Communications Technology and the Rise of the Dominant Consumer 14. E-marketing: The Effective Use of ITC 15. Distribution Channels in Travel and Tourism: Creating Access 16. Integrating the Promotional and Communications Mix 17. Brochures, Print and Other Non-electronic Information Part 5: Applying Marketing in the Main Sectors of Travel and Tourism 18. Marketing Countries as Tourism Destinations 19. Marketing Accommodation 20. Marketing Passenger Transport 21. Marketing Visitor Attractions 22. Marketing Inclusive Tours and Product Packages Part 6: Case Studies of Marketing Practice in Travel and Tourism 23. Tourism New Zealand 24. YOTEL 25. Agra: Indian World Heritage Site 26. Travelodge 27. Alistair Sawday Guides

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