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“Really up-to-date…gives a fantastic overview of the financial crisis”

Fabian Kreutzer, University of Applied Science Niederrhein, Germany

“Extensive references to and content regarding crises. It’s really amazing”

Yioryos Georgios Makedonis, Queen Mary University of London

Using real-world case studies and examples, this comprehensive text offers intermediate and applied macroeconomics students a truly European and global perspective. Continuing to successfully combine theory with application, Macroeconomics has been fully updated in this fifth edition to keep students up-to-date with the ever changing macroeconomic environment we are experiencing today.

This book presents macroeconomics as an applied science designed to improve our understanding of current and past policy issues.

  • The unique mix of theory, analysis and policy issues takes students from macroeconomic basics to cutting-edge research topics

  • Includes case studies addressing major policy issues in detail, supported by a wealth of economic data

  • Moves beyond standard intermediate macroeconomics content by discussing liquidity traps, quantitative easing, price bubbles, multiple equilibria, self-fulfilling prophecy, ratings agencies, debt brakes and austerity

  • Self quizzes, road map, glossary and other content also available for mobile devices

Visit for a comprehensive companion website featuring interactive macroeconomic models equipped with guided exercises, state of the art data display and analysis, quizzes and more.

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