iPad For Dummies

iPad For Dummies
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Get the most out of your iPad with this fun and friendly full-color guide! Part iPod touch, part MacBook, and part eReader-and all impressive-the iPad combines the best technological advances from all of these products into one ultraportable touch device. This full-color guide is the perfect companion to help you get up to speed and on the go with Apple"s revolutionary iPad. Veteran For Dummies authors and Mac gurus begin with a look at the multi-touch interface and then move on to setting up iTunes, surfing the Web, and sending and receiving e-mail. You"ll discover how to share, store, and import photos; buy and read your favorite books; get directions and use maps; rent, buy, and watch movies and TV shows; listen to the latest music; play games; shop for cool new apps; and much more. * Popular authors Edward Baig and Bob "Dr.

Mac" LeVitus begin with the basics as they walk you through setting up and using the iPad in this full-color guide * Offers a straightforward-but-fun approach to the many exciting functions of the iPad: listening to music, synchronizing your data, working with the calendar, setting up iTunes, and getting online via Wi-Fi, to name a few * Presents an easy-to-understand approach to sending and receiving e-mail; shopping for movies, iBooks, and music at the iTunes Store; browsing the Web; sharing photos; downloading and watch movies and TV shows; and downloading apps from the App Store * Explains how to use your iPad as a portable game console and how to manage your contacts and to-do lists * Covers protecting your information and troubleshooting From no-nonsense basics to useful tips and techniques, iPad For Dummies will help you discover all the cool things your iPad can do.

Introduction. Part I: Getting to Know Your iPad. Chapter 1: Unveiling the iPad. Chapter 2: iPad Basic Training . Chapter 3: The Kitchen Sync: Getting Stuff to and from Your iPad. Part II: The Internet iPad. Chapter 4: Going on a Mobile Safari. Chapter 5: The E-Mail Must Get Through. Chapter 6: Surfi n" the Web without a Board (or at Least without Safari). Chapter 7: Apply Here (to Find Out about iPad Apps). Part III: The iPad at Work and Play. Chapter 8: Get in Tune(s): Audio on Your iPad. Chapter 9: iPad Video: Seeing Is Believing. Chapter 10: You Oughta Be in Pictures. Chapter 11: Curling Up with a Good iBook. Chapter 12: The iPad at Work. Part IV: The Undiscovered iPad. Chapter 13: Setting You Straight on Settings. Chapter 14: When Good iPads Go Bad. Chapter 15: Accessorizing Your iPad. Part V: The Part of Tens. Chapter 16: Ten Appetizing (and Free) Apps. Chapter 17: Ten Apps Worth Paying For. Chapter 18: Ten Hints, Tips, and Shortcuts. Index.

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