Hot Shots 1 Student's Book

Hot Shots 1 Student's Book
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Hot Shots is an exciting new three-level course specially written for young learners in Greece and Cyprus.

Hot Shots 1 Student’s Book contains topic-related project work and three plays which practise and consolidate the vocabulary and grammar taught at this level. Students will be able to perform these plays for parents and friends, giving them a great sense of achievement.

The Student’s Book is also accompanied by a Writing Booklet contained in a flap at the back of the Book.

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  • Συγγραφέας: Miriam Craven
  • Εκδόσεις: Hamilton House
  • Έτος: 2013
  • ISBN-13: 9789963721047
  • ISBN-10: 9963721044
  • Κατηγορίες: Εκμάθηση αγγλικών
  • Τιμή στα βιβλιοπωλεία: 27,79 €
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