Fairyland Junior B: Booklet

Fairyland Junior B: Booklet
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Fairyland is a new course at primary level. Young learners enter a world of fantasy and adventure where learning English becomes a memorable and rewarding experience! Join us and feel the magic.

The "magic potion" for teaching young learners is to ensure that they engage in the learning process creatively and effectively. The moderate grading of the syllabus contributes to the success of developing all four skills - listening, speaking, reading, and writing - by providing a pleasant atmosphere conducive to language learning. Each level of the Fairyland series consists of six modules, containing two units each. The Pupil" s Book and the Activity Book are designed to be covered in approximately 70 to 80 hours classroom work.

Key Features:

- interesting dialogues with a touch of magic

- presentation of vocabulary through colour flashcards and posters

- lively songs and chants

- gentle practice of all four skills

- craftwork, projects and guided writing tasks

- wide variety of games

- pronunciation "twisters"

- constant recycling of vocabulary and grammar

- revision and evaluation at the end of each module

- a look at life in English - speaking countries

- cross-curricular sections

- cartoon story promoting reading for pleasure

- Activity Book in full colour

- step-by-step interleaved Teacher"s Book with Teacher"s Resource Pack

- posters and flashcards

- Faityland booklet (alphabet, stickers, picture dictionary, short plays)

- fully dramatised CDs

- animated DVDs

- Poppets Puppet Show

- Interactive Whiteboard Software (IWB)

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