Effective English for Civil Engineering

Effective English for Civil Engineering
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Finally a textbook with a specific purpose - the mastering of English language skills necessary in order to communicate in Civil Engineering settings. EFFECTIVE ENGLISH FOR CIVIL ENGINEERING has been skillfully prepared for professional Civil Engineers or for students of Civil Engineering, further lending itself to the related fields. Integrating the linguistic features of Scientific English and a wide range of Civil Engineering textual material, the book achieves the mastering of English for Science and Technology (EST).
The textual material has a strong professional orientation. It has been extracted from a wide range of English university textbooks, journal articles, and user manuals, covering the various sectors within the Civil Engineering field. Numerous illustrations provide a further means of visual material comprehension. Extensive exercise work focuses on all aspects of EST learning, including Listening for un-derstanding lectures and conference presentations, Writing for preparation of journal articles, Speaking for communication in professional settings, and Terminology Expansion for overall Civil Engineering Vocabulary enrichment.
EFFECTIVE ENGLISH FOR CIVIL ENGINEERING is complete with listening scripts and an extended (-2.500 terms) Terminology Glossary, with definitions, special features in English, and Greek translations, as well as a Greek-English Translation Glossary - ideal features for instructors as well as those who may want to use the book for self studying.

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