Edward S. Curtis

Edward S. Curtis
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"Edward S. Curtis, one of the best known and most prolific photographers of Native Americans, played a major role in shaping the view of Indians as "noble savages, " members of a vanishing race. For more than a quarter century, beginning shortly after 1900, Curtis engaged in a Herculean effort to make "a comprehensive and permanent record of all the important tribes in the United States that still retain to a considerable degree their primitive traditions and customs." During this period, Curtis took more than 40,000 photographs, collected more than 350 traditional Indian tales, produced a full-length feature film, and made more than 10,000 sound recordings of Indian speeches and music. The published result was The North American Indian--twenty volumes of text, including more than 1,500 full-page illustrations, accompanied by 20 portfolios containing more than 700 copperplate photogravures. Curtis"s work is both a brilliant achievement of artistic photography and a revealing look into how art may both reflect and shape public opinion. Edward S. Curtis by Barry Pritzker is a collection of more than 80 photographs by Edward S. Curtis"--Jacket.

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