Current Therapy in Colon and Rectal Surgery

Current Therapy in Colon and Rectal Surgery
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Extensively revised, this 2nd Edition focuses exclusively on practical clinical science and advances in colon and rectal surgery. It continues to provide "expert" perspectives and essential information on current therapies-ranging from new diagnostic modalities and medical therapeutics to surgical treatment options, including minimal access surgery.

  • Provides a "quick consultation with experts" on contemporary treatment approaches.

  • Features 95 succinct chapters of 3 to 4 printed pages, arranged in five sections, written by leading experts.

  • Uses a portable, easy to read format.

  • Offers a significant value in comparison to other books on the market.

  • Presents an excellent preparation for American Board of Surgery certification examinations

  • New chapters address anal carcinoma · anorectal pain syndromes · fecal impaction · rectocele · preoperative evaluations · pouchitis and complications of the pelvic pouch · diverticulitis · molecular biology of colorectal cancer and implications for therapy · management of malignant polyps · pulmonary metastases from colorectal cancer · acute and chronic ischemia of the small bowel · colorectal surgery in high-risk patients · management of hemorrhage during pelvic surgery · prevention and treatment of complications of laparoscopic intestinal surgery · surgical outcomes
  • Coverage of the hottest topics, including colitis · incontinence · pelvic floor disorders · endometriosis · Crohn"s disease · neoplasms (anus/rectum/colon) · chemotherapy · laparoscopic surgery

With 137 additional contributing experts

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