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"This latest from crime master Coben is a thrillingly tense yet emotional tale concerning a missing seventeen year old girl" HEAT

Seventeen-year-old Haley McWaid never gave her parents a moment"s worry. Until one morning her mother wakes to find that Haley didn"t come home the night before. Three months quickly pass without a word, and everyone assumes the worst.

Wendy Tynes is a reporter on a mission: to identify and bring down sexual predators via televised sting operations. Her latest target is Dan Mercer, a social worker known as a friend to troubled teens. But his story soon becomes more complicated than Wendy could have imagined.

CAUGHT tells the story of a missing girl, the community stunned by her loss, the predator who may have taken her, and the reporter who suddenly realises she can"t trust her own instincts about this story - or the motives of the people around her...

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5,80 € Σαν καινούριο
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