Business Management for the IB Diploma Coursebook

Business Management for the IB Diploma Coursebook
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A comprehensive second edition of Business Management for the IB Diploma, revised for first teaching in 2014. Designed for class use and independent study, this Coursebook is tailored to the thematic requirements and assessment objectives of the IB syllabus. It includes learning objectives and summaries; integrated Theory of Knowledge material; text in clear sections, following the IB syllabus structure and content specifications; clear, accessible English for students whose first language is not English; exam-style practice questions and a chapter on assessment and exam techniques. Written by two practising Business and Management teachers, Peter Stimpson and Alex Smith, it features the following topics: Business organisation and environment; Human resource management; Finance and accounts; Marketing; Operations management.

Unit 1. Business Organisation and Environment: 1.1. Introduction to business management; 1.2. Types of organisations; 1.3. Organisational objectives; 1.4. Stakeholders; 1.5. External environment; 1.6. Growth and evolution; 1.7. Organisational planning tools (HL only); Unit 2. Human Resource Management: 2.1. Functions and evolution of human resource management; 2.2. Organisational structure; 2.3. Leadership and management; 2.4. Motivation; 2.5. Organisational (corporate) culture (HL only); 2.6. Industrial/employee relations (HL only); Unit 3. Finance and Accounts: 3.1. Sources of finance; 3.2. Costs and revenues; 3.3. Break-even analysis; 3.4. Final accounts (some HL only); 3.5. Profitability and liquidity ratio analysis; 3.6. Efficiency ratio analysis (HL only); 3.7. Cash flow; 3.8. Investment appraisal (some HL only); 3.9. Budgets (HL only); Unit 4. Marketing: 4.1. The role of marketing; 4.2. Marketing planning (including introduction to the four Ps); 4.3. Sales forecasting (HL only); 4.4. Market research; 4.5. The four Ps (product, price, promotion, place); 4.6. The extended marketing mix of seven Ps (HL only); 4.7. International marketing (HL only); 4.8. E-commerce; Unit 5. Operations Management: 5.1. The role of operations management; 5.2. Production methods; 5.3. Lean production and quality management (HL only); 5.4. Location; 5.5. Production planning (HL only); 5.6. Research and development (HL only); 5.7. Crisis management and contingency planning (HL only); Examination Skills; Index.

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