Bond Markets, Analysis, and Strategies

Bond Markets, Analysis, and Strategies
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For students enrolled in Fixed Income Securities Courses or Bond Markets Courses. A Practical Approach to Analyzing Bond Markets Fabozzi"s Bond Markets, Analysis and Strategies offers students practical advice for analyzing bonds and proven portfolio strategies for achieving client objectives. Using an applied approach, Bond Markets helps students quickly grasp and apply key concepts without getting bogged down in theory. The Ninth Edition of Bond Markets introduces students to the state-of-the-art analytical tools and management strategies currently used by financial industry leaders, and uses real-world examples to engage students and help them achieve a deeper understanding of the complex information presented.

1. Introduction 2. Pricing of Bonds 3. Measuring Yield 4. Bond Price Volatility 5. Factors Affecting Bond Yields and the Term Structure of Interest Rates 6. Treasury and Federal Agency Securities 7. Corporate Debt Instruments 8. Municipal Securities 9. International Bonds 10. Residential Mortgage Loans 11. Agency Mortgage Pass-Through Securities 12. Agency Collateralized Mortgage Obligations and Stripped Mortgage-Backed Securities13. Nonagency Residential14. Commercial Mortgage Loans and Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities 15. Asset-Backed Securities 16. Pooled Investment Vehicles for Fixed Income Investors 17. Interest-Rate Models 18. Analysis of Bonds with Embedded Options 19. Analysis of Residential Mortgage-Backed Securities 20. Analysis of Convertible Bonds 21. Measuring Credit Spreads 22. Corporate Bond Credit Analysis 23. Credit Risk Modeling24. Bond Portfolio Management Strategies 25. Bond Portfolio Construction 26. Corporate Bond Portfolio Management 27. Liability-Driven Strategies 28. Bond Performance Measurement and Evaluation29. Interest Rate Futures30. Interest-Rate Options 31. Interest-Rate Swaps, Caps, and Floors 32. Credit Default Swaps

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