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The most exciting, practitioner-based introduction available to the field of advertising. Exceptionally real-world in focus with examples, issues, and applications interlaced throughout this best-selling introduction to both the theory and practice of advertising provides important insights into how advertising is done, who does it, and the critical questions that must be resolved. It provides a focus on what principles and practices make advertising effective - and its rich and extensive support package make the teaching/ learning process not only exciting, but more effective as well. *NEW: Stronger media coverage - Features a running example that explores Pizza Hut"s 1999 media strategy and buys. A media buying role-play simulation is also available *NEW: Interactive advertising (Internet, e-commerce, and more) - Infused into every chapter *A custom website with Web-related questions for each chapter, extra features, updates, ads, career information, and more has also been created at *NEW: Stronger coverage of IMC - From its introduction in Ch. 1, IMC is woven throughout text. A special emphasis in *Part V on IMC challenges culminates in the discussi

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