Adventures in Social Research

Adventures in Social Research
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Adventures in Social Research: Data Analysis Using SPSS 17.0 and 18.0 for Windows, Seventh Edition guides students step-by-step through the process of data analysis using the latest versions of SPSS/Statistics and 2008 General Social Survey (GSS) data. Written by esteemed social science research authors, this workbook encourages students to practice SPSS as they read about it and provides a practical, hands-on introduction to conceptualization, measurement, and association through active learning. Arranged to parallel most introductory research methods texts, this text starts with an introduction to computerized data analysis and the social research process, then walks readers step-by-step through univariate, bivariate, and multivariate analysis using SPSS Statistics.

New to this Edition

• Updated throughout to reflect Version 18.0 of SPSS/

• Additional information added for Macintosh users

• New and updated SPSS/screen shots

• All of the examples in the book have been updated to reflect the use of the latest available General Social Survey (GSS) 2008 data set

• Coverage of regression in Ch. 13 has been expanded to include more detail about the coefficient of determination

• An open-access Student Study Site that includes data sets containing more than 80 variables from the 2008 General Social Survey, including new terrorism preparedness variables. It also features helpful research articles, as well as other learning tools and resources.

Key Features:

• Each chapter includes basic research principles, techniques, and demonstrations of how to use SPSS Statistics, supporting both beginning and more advanced students-including graduate students-with step-by-step demonstrations and exercises that are effective for those with no prior experience with research or SPSS as well as for those wanting to hone their research or data analysis skills

• Chapters are structured around instruction techniques followed by concrete, hands-on exercises that encourage them to design their own hypotheses, choose their own variables, and interpret the results

• Two final chapters (Chapters 20–21) focus on doing primary and secondary research and writing research reports

• Captures students’ curiosity by getting them to do research on issues they are already interested in, such as religion, gender roles, the environment, sexual attitudes, and gun control

• Enlivens abstract material with a variety of pedagogical features, with clear tables, screenshots, and illustrations as well as Writing Boxes that show how a social scientist might describe the findings being discussed, Review Questions to test students’ knowledge, and SPSS Statistics Lab Exercises to apply what is being learned.

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