101 Ideas Living Rooms

101 Ideas Living Rooms
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Contemporary living spaces are growing increasingly multi-functional as one room often has to fulfil a number of different functions, often in a compact space. The living room in particular has undergone dramatic changes and the accessible and innovative approach of 101 Ideas Living Rooms offers the perfect inspiration to redefine how and when we want to use the space, what we want to use it for and who is going to be using it. So, you can choose from a living room that doubles as a study or dining area, or one that converts swiftly from hectic family space to adult chill-out zone. Beginning with The Big Picture, the book explains how to plan your living room according to your lifestyle and personality, how to divide the space up and how to decide if you need professional help and where to get it. Next, Getting Down to Detail, explores how to make the most of the wide choice of finishes, furnishings and accessories that are on offer and how to combine them with your existing possessions and a dash imagination in order to create your own individual living room.

Finally, Keeping it Fresh, will help you keep your new room immaculate and offers clever tips on how to update with simple seasonal changes or a quick rearrangement of the furniture.

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